About One Outsource


BPOs in the Philippines in the late 1990s to early 2000s catered only to US-based multinational companies that wanted to save on costs by hiring offshore talents. There was a lack of resources, however, for organizations that had a multinational presence on the home soil of the Philippines.


This was why Butch Villamor founded One Outsource Direct Corp (OODC) in 2003 – to start addressing the business needs of global organizations with a presence in the Philippines, to then grow with those global organizations.


From 5 people, the company quickly grew to over 200 full-time, passionate employees. Throughout the years, OODC has maintained a culture of innovation, giving, openness, accountability and response-ability, and continuous learning.


In a few years since its inception, OODC became known as the contact center of choice for the food industry, handling the food delivery orders of over 100 stores from different restaurants nationwide. Over time, OODC expanded its service offerings to include a fully integrated customer experience beyond the call center to include chat and other digital customer communications as well as executive training, consulting, and translation and captioning.


Expanding OODC services beyond the call center and diving into KPI-specific data analytics, coupled with access to an immense pool of professionals in the Philippines, OODC has broadened its customized solutions with a focus on specialized functions. This includes recruitment, market research, digital transformation consulting, technical development, and support.


This expertise, developed over the years, has allowed One Outsource to shine by achieving over 98% of the clients’ desired KPIs and saving them over 80% of the costs of managing their business operations.


With client partnerships lasting as long as 14 years and counting, OODC continues to grow in different industries such as retail, energy, fashion, real estate, and food. This is a true testament to OODC’s adaptability to businesses’ needs.


Looking ahead, One Outsource strives to build on our roots of offering managed services to global organizations with a Philippines presence and growing with a global mindset.