About Us

One Outsource Direct One Outsource Direct Corporation (OODC) is a Philippine-based company engaged in providing business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions to local and international companies. The company works in partnership with the customers we serve to achieve optimum growth, seamless operations, and maximum productivity. OODC is an affiliate of the CL Follosco Group (CLFG) of companies (http://www.clfolloscogroup.com).


Our mission is to grow the businesses of our customers by delivering innovative solutions, adhering to world class standards, following best practices, and using appropriate technology.

Supported by over 350 full-time staff, in over six (6) locations in the Philippines, OODC attracts and retains the employees who are highly trained and committed to achieve the results we set with our partners.

We are made up of professionals who uphold the values of productivity, integrity, excellence, commitment, and efficiency. We believe that quality is a way of life, a system that defines our daily activities.



OODC was established to assist in the expansion programs of multinational banking institutions based in the Philippines. We initially provided key manpower requirements to banks, until we were tapped to directly sell and handle the telemarketing services of these companies.

Contact center of choice

OODC became the contact center of choice of restaurants in the country, with our partners reporting double digit growth starting from the first year of operations.


OODC launched its international services, assisting medical-related companies particularly in Canada and the US.


OODC partnered with CLFG, a 50-year old Filipino company with diversified business portfolio.


OODC continues to be a boutique service provider, growing as its clients grow, in the Philippines and abroad.


OODC is partnered with companies in various industries, both local and international.