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Automated Reporting

Automated Reporting

Efficient and More Reliable… Automated Reporting is The Way To Go!

automated reporting

With the rising popularity of automated reporting solutions, there are many reasons why you should quit doing reports manually. In the fast-paced modern business world, there are many reasons manual reporting is a handicap rather than an edge for those who interpret reports.

Manual reporting puts increased demand on resources because of its need to source, input, and validate data. Due to this, there is a higher demand for additional staff or processes to be used. The benefits of automating reports allow you to place value on analysis over creating and validation.

Likewise, manual reports require you to use several systems. Usually, you will need a database of software that houses the data needed for your reports. You will need Excel, to manipulate your data, and present your report through Powerpoint. All of these require additional procedures to be set in the process which consumes time and exerts additional effort for the creation and review of reports instead of providing information.

One of the main benefits of workflow automation is that it helps reduce the risk of errors that are the result of encoding mistakes or wrong interpretation by staff. In automated business reports, processes are part of the system which allows faster data validation.

Monday.com reporting capabilities allow for the construction of user-friendly automated dashboards that minimizes the need of converting data into visual representations before interpreting it into the final report.  The workflow automation tool presents data in a way that is easy to interpret and is visually appealing at the same time.

Finally, automated reporting cuts the time and dirty work spent on report compilation and instead places the efforts on data analysis. This is why in the battle of manual reporting vs. automated reporting, the latter clearly takes the cake.

Automated reports can be made in an assortment of ways. The system can run queries, produce reports and send it through email automatically. Reports can be sent to you before office hours, giving you an early head-start and an edge in decision making.


Is there a better way to generate your company’s reports without the stress of doing things manually? Let One Outsource Direct Corporation (OODC) find automated report solutions for your business. Let us give you a hand— call us at +632 88175365 or send us a message through more@oodc.com.ph .



Founded in 2003, One Outsource Direct Corporation (OODC) is a Philippine-based company that has been delivering unmatched Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions to local and international businesses. With our experience in customizing business solutions to companies in various industries, from the start-up phase to top conglomerates, we are the ideal outsourced partner for those who look for uncompromising quality, yet maximum flexibility in achieving results.




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