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One Outsource Direct Corporation Legal Notice

General information - Identity of the website publisher

You are currently connected to the website , which is owned by the company One Outsource Direct Corporation, a company with registered capital of € 143,004,225, having its registered office at 3F CLF1 Bldg. 1167 Chino Roces Ave, Makati City , entered in the Companies’ Register of Makati under number B 301 292 702.

This website is produced by the company One Outsource Direct Corporation. The legal representative of OODC is Butch Villamor, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

Your personal data may be transferred outside the European Union. One Outsource has taken all necessary measures in order to ensure an adequate level of protection of your personal data.

By using and consulting this website, you are agreeing to comply with these conditions of use, which you acknowledge having read, understood and accepted in full.

If you do not agree to these conditions of use, please leave the site and do not download any associated information.

One Outsource may modify the content of these conditions of use at any time and without prior notice; by using this website, you are also agreeing to comply with any revisions made to these conditions.

This legal notice relates only to the website oodc.com.ph

Websites for companies affiliated with One Outsource contain other legal notices, which may be subject to modification at any time and without prior notice.

Furthermore, the websites produced by our Group may contain links to the platforms of other service providers that are not covered by this statement.

Conditions for use of the website

1 - Use of the website content

While we make every possible effort to ensure that the information published on this website is up-to-date and to provide Users with accurate information, Users should be aware that data transmission on the internet, circulating across a wide range of different types of networks, cannot be considered as totally reliable from the technical point of view. We cannot therefore guarantee the accuracy of the data appearing on the website. Any errors or omissions should be reported to the following e-mail address: more@oodc.com.ph. Furthermore, One Outsource may be required to modify and/or improve the content of this website, including the content of this legal notice, at any time and without prior notice and does not assume any liability resulting from the accuracy of any information displayed on this website. People browsing the website therefore use this information at their own risk. Any use of the website in a way that is not in line with the spirit in which it was created and any violation of these stipulations may result in the application of criminal and civil penalties as laid down by the law.

2 - Access to the website

We make every effort to ensure that the website is constantly accessible, although we are not under any legal obligation to do so. Please note that access to the website may be interrupted for maintenance, updating and for any other reason, technical in particular. We can in no way be held liable for these interruptions and for the consequences that may result to Users.

One Outsource does not permit its site to be used to receive confidential information or information that is protected by industrial property rights.

Any information sent to this site is thus considered to be non-confidential and may therefore be used, in particular for the collection, processing and use of personal data.

3 - Hypertext links on the website

The hypertext links provided on the website may lead the User to the websites of various partners. Please note that we have not verified all of the websites that may be linked to our own, or any of their content and the information they contain, and we therefore disclaim all responsibility for the content of these websites and the use to which the User may put this information. The User must take full responsibility for using these websites.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

Rights 1 - Rights

Registered trademarks

The trademarks appearing on this website are registered trademarks of One Outsource and/or companies affiliated therewith.

We draw the attention of the User to the fact that references made here to products, services and trademarks belonging to us are not exhaustive of our rights. Access to the website gives the User no rights other than that of viewing the content.

Putting this website on line is not a license to use the trademarks mentioned. No such use may be made without the prior written express permission of the owner of these trademarks.

Authors’ Rights / Copyright / Designs and models / Patents

Certain parts of this website (texts, photographs, illustrations, logos, icons, downloadable files, video clips or sound, etc.) are the property of One Outsource.

These items are protected by French and international law or other legal documents relating to respect for authors’ rights, copyright, designs, models and patents.

The reproduction and/or representation of these elements is authorized only for purposes of information or for strictly personal and private use.

Presentation of any of the pages on this website on a page that does not belong to One Outsource or creation of hypertext links to any page other than the homepage of this website requires the prior written express permission of One Outsource.

The use of any elements on this website for other purposes, and in particular for public, commercial or humorous purposes, will be subject to legal action in France or abroad.

2 - Copyright infringement

Any reproduction or representation, even partial, using any process whatsoever, undertaken without the prior written express permission of One Outsource is prohibited and illegal. Violation of this prohibition constitutes an infringement of copyright that may result in the perpetrator being held civilly and criminally liable.

3 - Copyright

All rights reserved © One Outsource Direct 2021.

All pages on OODC websites are protected by copyright ©.

All rights reserved (in particular rights of reproduction, representation, adaptation and distribution).

Private data

We are delighted that you have decided to visit our website and in the interest that you have shown about our company and our products. Under certain circumstances, we may collect personal data about Users.

In accordance with the provisions of the Law of 6 January 1978 on data processing, data files and individual freedoms, the User is informed that he/she has the right to access, rectify and delete any corresponding personal data.

To exercise this right, the User should write to the following address: 21, rue Balzac, 75008 Paris, France.

Information on User names is for the use of One Outsource and may be passed on to other companies within the Group. If the User has any objection to this, he/she should write to the address given above.

The User is informed that when he/she visits our website, a cookie may be automatically installed on his/her browser. This cookie is used only to record information about browsing on the website and therefore to improve the quality of the website.

1 - Collection and processing of private data

When you visit our website, our servers automatically record the name of your internet service provider, the web page from which your visit originates, the various pages that you consult on our website, and the date and duration of your visit.

Furthermore, private data are only saved and sent to our subsidiaries if you provide consent of your own accord, for example during registration, a survey, submission of a job application, a prize game, a competition or for performance of a contract.

In the case of a job application, the data that you may be required to provide us, and in particular your curriculum vitae, may be used by One Outsource and passed on to its subsidiaries so that we can review your application and provide a response.

Furthermore, and unless you expressly request otherwise, we reserve the option of storing your data so that we can contact you again in the future if the company’s employment situation changes.

2 - Use and transmission of private data, functional link

We use your private data for technical administration of web pages, customer management, potential surveys on products and for marketing purposes, only to the extent that these data are required for these actions.

Private data are collected and sent to Government bodies and institutions only as required pursuant to mandatory domestic legal requirements. Our staff, agents and any persons who may be required to consult this information pursuant to their employment contracts are bound by obligations of professional secrecy and undertake to comply with our code of ethics.

3 - Possibility of choice

We wish to use your data so that we can provide you with information about our products and service and, where applicable, so that we can ask you questions about these issues. Your participation in such actions is of course voluntary. If you object to being involved in this process, you may advise us by post that we may block these data accordingly.

4 - Right to information

If you ask us to, we will advise you in writing (immediately, if possible), pursuant to the applicable laws, whether any personal information about you is stored in our systems and, if so, what information we hold. If, despite our efforts to ensure the accuracy of these data and to ensure that they are up-to-date, incorrect information has been stored, we will correct that information if you request that we do so.

5 - Security

We implement technical and organizational security measures to protect the data we are managing against accidental or deliberate manipulation, against data loss or destruction, and against access to these data by unauthorized persons. Our security measures are constantly updated as technology advances. If you have any questions about the use made of your private data, you can contact us with any request for information, suggestions or complaints at the following address: more@oodc.com.ph.


It is prohibited to use this website or the communication services to send chain letters, junk mail, spam or any repetitive or unsolicited message (commercial or otherwise); to gather or collect, by any means whatsoever, information about third parties, in particular e-mail addresses, without the consent of the third parties concerned; to create or use false identities, to falsify an e-mail address or a page heading, or to attempt to mislead third parties in any way whatsoever as to the identity of the sender or the source of the message; to transmit any inappropriate content as defined below; to transmit any element containing viruses or any component that may be harmful or destructive to the website or to third parties or in breach of the law; to try and access the services offered, other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to the service of the website in an unauthorized way, by the use of passwords or any other means; or to interfere with the use and enjoyment of the service by any other User or with the use and enjoyment of similar services via another body.

Inappropriate Content includes any language, comments, remarks and images considered by the company to be obscene, deceitful, unlawful, racist, defamatory or constituting of harassment, violating the rights of third parties or restricting and/or preventing use by other Users of forums or chat rooms accessible via the website.

1 - Responsibility / Limitation of responsibility

The use made of this website, its services and any elements or information obtained via the website, is the exclusive responsibility of the User.

We provide the User with no guarantee of any sort, express or implicit, as to the quality of the services on the website or their marketable quality, the compliance of the service or whether the result meets the expectations of the User, and we decline all responsibility for any disputes, actions or third party claims made to exercise their rights, especially private rights, on any content not created by One Outsource.

Moreover, we will not be held responsible for any lack of performance by the website and/or the software used or downloaded from the website; for the loss of data or services resulting from failure to meet time limits, amendments, suspension or interruption of its services; for the accuracy, quality or nature of information obtained through its services; or for the consequences resulting directly or indirectly from the transmission of viruses via our servers.

Nor can we be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage, including in particular loss of profits, of clientele, of data, any loss of intangible property, loss of earnings or any other loss or damage that arises from the use of or inability to use the website, or as a result of misuse on the part of the User, who may be held responsible in the case of death or injury.

In terms of Private Content provided by Users, we disclaim all responsibility concerning the presence of such content in chat rooms or any other discussion service. Any such Private Content, whether consisting of opinions, declarations, recommendations or points of view, represents only the opinions, declarations, recommendations and points of view of the Users and is in no way those of One Outsource.

The website may contain links to other websites that are not managed and/or edited by One Outsource Direct, such as:

* the local websites of each of the Group’s subsidiaries: One Outsource cannot be held responsible for the editorial policy of the websites of its subsidiaries.

Indeed, each of the websites of its subsidiaries contains specific legal notices listing and describing the responsibility of the publisher of each website concerned. One Outsource has no control whatsoever over the information, products or services offered by the websites of its subsidiaries and we can UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES be held responsible for the content of these websites.

* websites of third parties: One Outsource has no control whatsoever over the information, products or services offered by these other websites and we can UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES be held responsible for the content of these websites.

You agree to compensate One Outsource and to guarantee the company against any action concerning liability, appeal, loss, costs, loss of earnings, loss of data, and any other direct and indirect damage resulting from the violation on your part of any of these General Conditions.

Applicable law - Jurisdiction

The General Conditions are subject to and interpreted in accordance with French law. Any dispute that is not resolved by compromise will be brought before the competent Paris court ratione materiae.

Should any of the provisions of these General Conditions be declared null or without effect, this provision should be interpreted in such a way as to reflect as far as possible the intentions of the parties and the remaining provisions will be considered as automatically applicable.

The non-application or absence of any claim for the application by One Outsource of any of the provisions of these General Conditions or of any right will in no way be interpreted as a waiver by One Outsource of such a provision or such a right, unless we stipulate otherwise in writing.