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(+632) 8817 5365 | more@oodc.com.ph

Drive your business to success through business process outsourcing


The outsourcing industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Competition is starting to become more intense as industry players are in a rat race to reach the top. It is expected that your business will face the need to meet the rising demands of customers. Here are a few reasons why outsourcing will be your go-to in these challenging times.

First, what is outsourcing in business?

Business Process Outsourcing or BPO refers to an industry practice in which a company hires others to perform jobs and services for them.

Some examples of BPO services include customer and technical support, multi-channel center management, finance and accounting services, translation services and media content captioning, among others.


The benefits of customer experience outsourcing will propel your business

Your customers have a number of demands that you need to deal with. Thus, you need the help of a BPO partner to help them. Your clientele needs specialists who know how to provide solutions. You need people who are innovative and have the initiative to drive your business to success by finding ways to beat the ever-growing competition. By partnering with a BPO like One Outsource Direct Corporation, you have a team of experts working with you in key processes giving you the competitive edge over others.

1.  Get to focus on the real core of your business

When you get a BPO partner, you can focus exclusively on core business management. By freeing your staff from complex functions such as HR or IT tasks, they can work exclusively on the more crucial needs of your business. With BPO experts, expect to have a team who will see to it that your company will function at its best.

2.  Save money

A BPO can help you save company budget in certain aspects of business operation and allocate your money for more important spending. Also, they will give advice on how much you need to spend on state-of-the-art industry processes such as new apps and security procedures.

3. Let experts do the dirty work.

Recruiting an in-house team is expensive and developing their skills may take some time considering the learning curve and gaining hands-on experience. Also, relying on your in-house team will require them to have more responsibilities to deal with. If you choose an outsourced IT team, you will get real-time assistance from those who know how to get the job done.


Is there a better way to increase productivity? Drive your business to success through business process outsourcing.

With One Outsource Direct Corporation (OODC) by your side, expect a boost in productivity levels as well as improved communication between you and your in-house team. In all aspects of the business, you can be assured that all core functions are being paid attention to thus leading to better operations, higher output, and increased profit. Let’s talk about your needs by calling +632 88175365 or send us a message at more@oodc.com.ph .



Founded in 2003, One Outsource Direct Corporation (OODC) is a Philippine-based company that has been delivering unmatched Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions to local and international businesses. With our experience in customizing business solutions to companies in various industries, from the start-up phase to top conglomerates, we are the ideal outsourced partner for those who look for uncompromising quality, yet maximum flexibility in achieving results.